The Phone Call

So, for those of you who aren’t familiar with strange Mormon short films from the 70’s, there is this one called “The Phone Call“. It’s worth a watch if you have a moment. Basically, it tells the story of an awkward high school boy getting the courage to ask a girl out. He plays the “Bassoon, which is like a Balloon but with ‘s’s”. Anyway.

I haven’t seen it in years, and it has almost nothing to do with this post.


On Tuesday last week we had a miracle! I was going through a bunch of Former Investigator records. People that who were thinking about becoming members at some point (usually years ago) but for some reason didn’t continue.

I came across this one that was from like 2011, and it looked like the family had probably moved away based on the comments there. So, I almost just skipped it and kept going. But, I had a strong impression to call, not the investigator, but a member who was friends with the investigator, whose information was on the sheet. I didn’t recognize his name but resolutely called him anyway, not having any idea what I would say. That’s how we met Salvador, who is a wonderful member of the church who had a terrible work accident a few weeks back. He had fallen 3 floors, and landed on his leg, fracturing it in several places. As I talked to him, he started open up to us, and invited us to come give him a blessing that same afternoon. We did so, and he was so grateful for the visit and the blessing. It was so incredible to see how much those meant to him, and I felt so blessed that the Lord had helped our paths cross in such an improbable way. He since has been to a fireside at the chapel, and we even went to the Family History library to help him search for his ancestors! He is such an incredible man, and we were able to bond just a little over broken ankles and physical therapy and such.

Moral of the story, if you want to help someone that needs you, pray for guidance, and then follow the whisperings of the spirit, even if it is awkward or strange. The Lord will guide you to someone who has been praying for your help! Make that awkward phone call! It could change your life!

The work goes on! Go be a part of it!

Elder Mortenson