What wouldn’t you do… (6/6/16)

IMG_0002Today, for our District Preparation Day Activity, we decided to go to Pizza Hut,

para disfrutar la comida típica del pais antiguo (to enjoy the typical food of “the old country”)

We got in a taxi, and went to a shopping center where a member had told us there was a Pizza Hut. When we got there, we realized that the member had said “Pizza Hot, not Pizza Hut.

But we ran into one of the awesome sisters from our ward there, and she told us that there was a Pizza Hut at a different address. So we got in another taxi and went there. Only to realize that she too had mistaken Pizza Hot for Pizza Hut.

So then we called an Elder who had the card for a Papa John´s, having lost all hope of finding a Pizza Hut.

We went to that address, only to find that it didn´t exist.

So we asked a few men sitting on the curb. They gave us a different address.

We went to that address, only to find that it didn´t exist. Again.

So we asked a group of 4 taxistas (taxi drivers) And they gave us another address.

At long last, we arrived at Papa John´s, and truly enjoyed a wonderful meal of BBQ Hawaiian and Italian Pizza. It was incredible.

Moral of the story, if you are looking for peace, or answers, or an American Pizzeria in Colombia, don´t give up! Keep praying! Keep reading! Keep the commandments! What aren´t you willing to do to reach your goal? Will you ask more people? Will you pray harder and longer?

Your father in Heaven is waiting to bless you. Just show him that you´re willing to accept the blessings through your obedience, and He will pour out blessings into your lives.

And they will be delicious!

Con amor,

Élder Mortenson

Jugodor (5/30/16)

Jugodor is not a word in Spanish.

Jugador means (soccer) player. Jugo means juice.

We have a recent convert that has been having a lot of doubts lately about his own testimony of the Church, of the Book of Mormon, and of Joseph Smith. As we sat down with him to talk earlier this week, he told us that he hasn´t been reading the Book of Mormon, and he hasn´t been to church in a few months, but that he likes his new job working making juice at a local restaurant.

So that makes him a jugodor right? And thus was born my first succesful pun joke in Spanish.

But we commited him to start coming back to church and reading the Book of Mormon. So he can become a testimoniodor as well.

Also, I´m getting a lot better at making juice. So that makes me a jugodor as well. And a misionerodor.

Ok thats all for me.

Read the book of Mormon. Go to church. There is not much more important in life than that.

A Dios!