En el tiempo del Señor (5/16/16)

So this week was a good one! I learned a lot about faith and persistence. Something awesome happened and I get to stay with my trainer for another transfer! Which is great because I´ll be able to see a lot of our investigators get baptized and we are already in a rhythm.

I´ve learned that the Lord often lets us try to figure things out on our own at first, lets us try our best, before He steps in and helps us out. Sometimes he just lets us pray for a while, to prove to ourselves that we have enough faith before he lets us see the blessings that he has been pouring out on us all along.

We had record Investigator attendance this week! 7 in Sacrament meeting! Which was wonderful to see. I know that the Lord is touching their hearts and preparing them to receive the blessings of Baptism.

Sometimes we see the fruit of our labor, sometimes we don´t, but I testify that every trial is hand crafted specifically for us to learn and grow and overcome. He will never leave us alone, and is always there to help us. In His time he will make us into Men and Women of God, but only if we let him.

So let him. Pray without ceasing, and He will ever attend you.

Con amor,

-Elder Mortenson

And the rains came down… (5/9/16)

So it started to rain for real this week. Just about everyday. Which has been super exciting and wet. Although really it´s not very much wetter than usual. The rain is more refreshing than the sweat.

Tomorrow we have Transfers! I´ll almost certainly receive a new companion, and I won´t be in training anymore! Hooray!

Also, Peruvian food is pretty good. I tried ceviche today, which is like lemon juice sushi salad.

The power of prayer is real. I urge you all to tell God about everything that is going on in your day to day life everynight, and to ask for forgiveness and strength to be better. He loves to listen. And he loves to bless us. I have experienced this more strongly than ever before this week. We are never alone.

Tenga una semana perfecta!

-Elder Mortenson