Crescent (3/28/16)

This week was super awesome!

We had Hermana J`s baptism scheduled for saturday night, so on saturday morning we went to fill the baptismal font with water. Only to find that the door to the font was locked and the key to it didn`t work!

So, after a few hours of trying to figure out what to do (baptism doesn`t work without a LOT of water), the ingenious 2nd counselor in our ward managed to dismantle the lock on the door and take it off.

Which means that the door is always open to be baptized! We will be working super hard this week to find more people who are ready to hear the message.

As for how I`m doing, I`ve overcome my health issues of the first month and a half, and am starting to be accustomed to life down here.

It is still super hard to understand lots of the people here, but my spanish is improving little by little.

3 months has passed remarkably quickly here in the mission. And it`s been great! And I hope it gets even better over the next 21 months!

I am but a crescent moon now, with so much growing to do before I am full. But I am growing. And one day I will be whole.


con amor,

-Elder Mortenson

Sin Lluvia, con Bendiciones (3/21/16)

So it´s been another rainless week here on the northern coast of Colombia. They promised me it would rain. It hasn´t so far. After 6 whole weeks here. Nothing.

But, much more importantly and excitingly, we have a baptism set this week for Friday! I guess that kind of water is really what I should be waiting for!

This week I studied la Expiación (the atonement) of Jesus Christ. It is incredible.

He knows exactly how you feel. Exactly the combinations of pains and worries and sorrows that you have in your life. And He will help you, but he cannot bless you with all of the blessings of His sacrifice unless we ask him. Let him help you. Pray. Read the scriptures. He will strengthen you, comfort you, and bless you with a hope for a better world.

Remember him this holy week. He is risen so that all may rise again.


A dios,

-Élder Mortenson

¡ARREPIÉNTASE! (3/14/16)

It`s been another great week on the coast!

Elder Sanchez and I are working really hard to get the work going faster here in our area. We`re contacting a lot, and have found a lot of new investigators to teach!

We would have had a baptism this coming saturday, but Hermana J didn`t attend church yesterday! Que triste! But with another week or two hopefully she`ll make it.

My spanish is improving for sure, and I`ve discovered that I really love to teach English. I have a class every wednesday at 7:30!

Elder Sanchez is helping me understand how to be more direct (but with kindness) with our investigators. After all, we are to “preach nothing but repentance to this generation”.

But, the wonderful thing is that Repentance is such a joyful thing! It`s hard, and hurts a little, but it is such a blessing to be clean before our Father in Heaven. My challenge this week is to feel this joy by repenting of all your errors of the day, every night through sincere prayer to Him.

I testify that our father in Heaven wants to bless us with forgiveness, with cleansing, with peace and happiness. But he cannot without our permission.



Con Amor,

-Èlder Mortenson

Supresa! (3/7/16)

So I had a surprise last week on thursday! New companion!

Elder Hernandez was needed in another area of Barranquilla, but I have a new awesome trainer, Elder Sanchez!

He is also of Peru, and is very direct and obedient. We´ve been working hard to find all the people we need to teach, and I´ve been somewhat guiding it because he´s never been in this area before!

It´s been really hard but really awesome. We have seen miracles in finding and teaching all of the wonderful children of God down here en la costa! Hope everyone is doing well!!!

Sorry this is so short and probably not very profound.

So instead of reading this email, everyone go and read 2 Nephi Chapter 4.

It is more profound than any words I could ever write. And the last verse in that chapter is the verse on my mission plaque!

the work goes forward!

A Dios,

-Élder Mortenson

Poderoso (2/29/16)

Here in the Barranquilla mission, as missionaries, we avoid colloquial speech. For example, all of the natives frequently use the word Chevere, which means cool or awesome, but we missionaries instead use the word Poderoso, which means powerful.

We had some really poderoso experiences this week!
On advice from Elder Uceda, we decided to Talk Less, and Do More with the investigators and less actives this week. So, we had a lot of poderoso lecciones where we studied the scriptures with the people and focused on their commitments to read the Book of Mormon, Pray, and Attend Church.
And, because poderoso lecciones lead to poderoso numeros, we had a record 105 at church on Sunday! We filled every pew!
There is power in the Book of Mormon. When we read, slowly, with purpose, we can find joy and peace in the words of the prophets therein. I have experienced that power this week, and I hope that all of you have experienced and will continue to experience the power of the word of God to change lives.
Have a poderoso week!
-Èlder Mortenson