Enter December

Hello Family and Friends!

I don’t have much time to email right now because we spent the day in San Francisco (first and only time I’ve gone during my mission).

This Christmas season is upon us and the wonderful feelings and promises of Christmas are heavy in our foggy skies here in Oakland.

I am becoming ever increasingly aware of the truth that is taught over and over in the book of Mormon: If ye keep my commandments ye shall prosper in the land. It is really true, and this week I was able to note the difference in others and my own life when the commandments are obeyed or not obeyed the consequence naturally follows.

Last night, Elder Maruyama and I went up to the Visitors’ Center to watch the First Presidency Devotional, but after Elder Vinson’s talk we both felt like we should go and do visits instead. I felt the Christmas spirit more strongly going out to visit some formers from the last few months than we did listening to the Tabernacle Choir at the Visitors’ Center. There is just no replacement for hard work on others’ behalf.

Have wonderful, service filled weeks! If you’re wanting it to feel more like Christmas, go help someone else feel like it’s more like Christmas.

Love you all,

Elder Mortenson