Hello everyone!

So, I was very much satisfied with our miracle in finding and talking to H last week, but this week, we had a follow-up miracle!

We went to tract the same street where H (the godless atheist) lives, but the other side. We noticed that her lights were on, so we called the English Elders really quick to find out if they had contacted her yet. They said that they had tried, but that she wasn’t home/didn’t respond. So, we went to go to talk to her. Miraculously, she was home, and she opened up! Even more miraculously, I had a fresh English Book of Mormon to give her! She was so eager to get her hands on it, but I made her promise that she would read it first! The power of The Book of Mormon to attract attention and bring the spirit is incredible, and it can happen to anyone.

This week, we also invited Y, one of the coolest people ever, to be baptized on the 30th! When I asked her about what she thought about the Book of Mormon, she said that she loved it and knew that it is true!

I repeat the same testimony. I love it, and it is true! I just finished annotating the book of Alma, and it is incredible how much meaning one can extract from every page of that book! If you don’t know what I mean, go to the Book of Mormon with a question or problem in your life, and read closely until the answers and comfort come. It is incredible!

Do it!

Elder Mortenson

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