A hop and a skip from our house, there is a Panaderia (bread store or Bakery) called Via Crema (way cream). It has really great bread. All types, freshly baked, everyday. It is a wonderful place. And it has an awesome name.ut even more awesome than that is this:

When I was in 3rd grade, my older brother Michael, (now with one month more in Lithuania on his mission) bought a bamboo plant at a dollar store. He brought it home, carefully placed it and watered it in our room, and together we solemnly named it “Marvin Delano Bamboo” after his favorite president at the time.

On tuesday, we were in a house teaching a teenage girl. She seemed really dejected, and didn´t seem to have any hope, even as we were teaching about the hope that comes from knowing Jesus Christ our savior. After we closed with a prayer, we chatted for a few minutes about her cat, who had a sweater on (poor thing). I felt like I should tell her about my family´s no-pet rule, and about our old beloved pet bamboo plant, Marvin D. Bamboo (may he ever rest in peace).

I have never been good at humor in Spanish, but as I shared this silly experience, she smiled. She laughed. For but a moment, she forgot all of her worries and laughed about the silly gringo who names his bamboo plants.

It was exactly what she needed. Just a smile was enough to let me know that our time was not wasted with her.

She probably won´t join the church right away, maybe not ever. But at least we brightened her day, which makes everything worth it.

And afterward, we enjoyed some ridiculously awesome bread from the Creamy Way Bread Store.

God is real. He loves you.

So smile.

-Elder Mortenson

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