This week has been full of tough times and miracles.

This week, on Saturday, Elder Sanchez and I were walking to accompany one of our menos activos families to a ward talent show / celebration of Barranquilla. We walked past a house where an old man was sitting on the porch. About 5 steps after we walked past him, I received the impression that I needed to talk to him. It was undeniable. But, I ignored it, and kept following my companion, not wanting to be awkward.

The following hour, I couldn´t stop thinking about that man, and about the prompting I had received. I felt guilty that I had failed the trust that the Lord had placed in me, that I would act on the prompting I received. I prayed silently and fervently that somehow I would be able to make things right, or receive forgiveness, or do something to help that man. Miraculously, almost an hour later, we walked past the same house, and the same man was still there. This time I went without hesitation, and we talked to him for a few minutes. We learned that his wife passed away about a month ago, and that he feels lonely, and in need of direction in his life.

I felt the spirit so strongly, and I knew that the prompting was real, and from God, and that He had given me a second chance, that he had answered my prayer. It was so powerful and amazing. I am so glad to be here!

The mission is amazing. The Holy Ghost is real and powerful. Our Father in Heaven loves us, and wants to bless us by letting us bless others.

¡Que poder!
(what power!)

-Élder Mortenson

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