This week was super awesome!

We had Hermana J`s baptism scheduled for saturday night, so on saturday morning we went to fill the baptismal font with water. Only to find that the door to the font was locked and the key to it didn`t work!

So, after a few hours of trying to figure out what to do (baptism doesn`t work without a LOT of water), the ingenious 2nd counselor in our ward managed to dismantle the lock on the door and take it off.

Which means that the door is always open to be baptized! We will be working super hard this week to find more people who are ready to hear the message.

As for how I`m doing, I`ve overcome my health issues of the first month and a half, and am starting to be accustomed to life down here.

It is still super hard to understand lots of the people here, but my spanish is improving little by little.

3 months has passed remarkably quickly here in the mission. And it`s been great! And I hope it gets even better over the next 21 months!

I am but a crescent moon now, with so much growing to do before I am full. But I am growing. And one day I will be whole.


con amor,

-Elder Mortenson


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