It`s been another great week on the coast!

Elder Sanchez and I are working really hard to get the work going faster here in our area. We`re contacting a lot, and have found a lot of new investigators to teach!

We would have had a baptism this coming saturday, but Hermana J didn`t attend church yesterday! Que triste! But with another week or two hopefully she`ll make it.

My spanish is improving for sure, and I`ve discovered that I really love to teach English. I have a class every wednesday at 7:30!

Elder Sanchez is helping me understand how to be more direct (but with kindness) with our investigators. After all, we are to “preach nothing but repentance to this generation”.

But, the wonderful thing is that Repentance is such a joyful thing! It`s hard, and hurts a little, but it is such a blessing to be clean before our Father in Heaven. My challenge this week is to feel this joy by repenting of all your errors of the day, every night through sincere prayer to Him.

I testify that our father in Heaven wants to bless us with forgiveness, with cleansing, with peace and happiness. But he cannot without our permission.



Con Amor,

-Èlder Mortenson

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