Here in the Barranquilla mission, as missionaries, we avoid colloquial speech. For example, all of the natives frequently use the word Chevere, which means cool or awesome, but we missionaries instead use the word Poderoso, which means powerful.

We had some really poderoso experiences this week!
On advice from Elder Uceda, we decided to Talk Less, and Do More with the investigators and less actives this week. So, we had a lot of poderoso lecciones where we studied the scriptures with the people and focused on their commitments to read the Book of Mormon, Pray, and Attend Church.
And, because poderoso lecciones lead to poderoso numeros, we had a record 105 at church on Sunday! We filled every pew!
There is power in the Book of Mormon. When we read, slowly, with purpose, we can find joy and peace in the words of the prophets therein. I have experienced that power this week, and I hope that all of you have experienced and will continue to experience the power of the word of God to change lives.
Have a poderoso week!
-Èlder Mortenson 


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