It´s been a great second week out in the field! It sometimes feels like I´ve been here forever. All of the different Colombian things in my life have become normal, habitual, and I´m loving it.

Sometimes it´s hard to get going in the mornings. To want to go out and preach religion in the heat all day. But, as soon as I get going, man it is fun! When I realize that I am a missionary of Jesus Christ, in Colombia, I can´t help but smile from ear to ear. It doesn´t make a lot of sense that I love it so much, but I guess that´s partly why it´s so amazing.
Earlier on this week, I found myself musing on the “montage” effect. You know, when you are watching a movie, and the main character is in a new situation, and then it shows a few difficult “learning experiences,” but with a little time and practice, the motivational music starts playing, and then it transfers into a montage of only really awesome times, and then the hero is super well-built and handsome and wise.
Things aren´t quite like that on the mission. And thank goodness. I want to savor every last second. I love the people, I love the food mostly, and I love the work of the Lord.
con amor,
-Élder Mortenson

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