This week has been another week of growing.

A long time ago, my great great great (not sure how many) grandfather traveled from his home in Sweden to join the Saints in Utah. He was about my age, maybe a little younger at the time. The ship that he found a place on was called the Humboldt. I don´t know why.
My great grandpa made a bold journey on a humble ship (that sank on the return journey btw) called the Humbolt. This week made me think of him.
First, this week has been humbling. I’ve realized as the spirit continues to work on me how much work I need to do to become a missionary. In fact, when I inquired in my head earlier this week why I hadn´t been able to see all my weaknesses before now, the spirit answered quite clearly:
If you had been able to see even half of your weaknesses before, you would have given up on yourself long ago.
And then I got the impression that I still have no idea about most of the weaknesses I have.
But that is the beauty of the Atonement. We are shown our weaknesses so that we can grow, and become better.
Oh, and also, I need to work on being bold. Contacting on the street is daunting.
-Élder Mortenson

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