I´ve been thinking a lot about twisting lately. For many reasons.

First, I twisted my ankle the third day here. It is pretty easy to walk on now, but I won´t be running or jumping for a few more weeks.
Second, my mind is continuously trying to find a way to twist itself a new language. And I’m learning! I can now say just about whatever I want about the gospel and get my point across. But not really in street conversation (especially with the Venezolanos)
Third, my insides are constantly trying not to get too twisted up as I incessantly invade them with foreign Colombian food.
But, similar to stretching after a long nap or forcing myself to adjust to a new life as a missionary in Colombia, the twisting usually hurts a little but then feels much better afterward.
And, most importantly, I feel the influence of the Atonement of Jesus Christ twisting me, stretching me in new directions where I direly need His help. As I let Him, He is helping me grow into the servant he needs me to be. Wringing out all of the old habits and laziness. Focusing my mind on my eternal home, and those I want to be there with me. I’m becoming who I´ve always meant to be.
He´s not twisting me, He´s untwisting me.
A Dios,
-Élder Mortenson

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