Some aspects of life in the Colombia CCM:


Fried platanos

The entire Spanish language

A swollen still-purple ankle

All of the textures of the city

An hour a day to sit and watch all the other missionaries play volleyball

The lump in the back of my throat (occasionally)

Granadiyas (orange on the outside green on the inside alien brain fruits)

Another 2 years before English is a regular thing.


Are hard to swallow.


But, they are also quite nourishing! Despite some of the discomforts of life here, it is truly amazing. On one hand, I´ve had so many amazing experiences teaching the fake investigator returned missionary CCM instructors the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And it is really true. In English and in Spanish. On the other hand, I still have four fingers and a thumb. I´m taking that for a good sign.


It was sad to see every single other Élder at the CCM leave this morning for their fields of service, but it meant Élder Jones and I got to go to the temple with Hermana DuVall. It was great.


And really, all of the interesting-ness of life in Colombia is growing on me.


I think I like it here.


Con Amor,

-Élder Mortenson


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